Sewer and Drain Repair in Southwest Florida

Tired of constant drain problems? Get help from Southwest Florida’s favorite sewer and drain company!

The plumbing system inside of your home consists of two main parts: the freshwater side and the drain and sewer. The freshwater side is all of the nice things about plumbing like hot showers and the ability to wash a sink full of dishes. The drain and sewer side is the scary side. If the plumbing system in your home is reliable, you shouldn’t have to think about the drain and sewer very often.

However, problems do happen, especially if your Southwest Florida home is older, and you will need the help of a plumber to fix your drain and sewer lines. At Drain Nerds, we know that the stakes are high when it comes to your home’s sewer system. We specialize in drain cleaning, drain repair, and sewer replacement so we know how to get the job done.

The best way to avoid drain replacement is with routine care. Be sure to ask about our drain cleaning services today!

Problems With Cast Iron Sewer Drain Pipes

Although cast iron used to be a common material for sewer drain pipes in SW Florida, today it is not recommended, particularly due environmental factors. High humidity and salt content in the soil create the perfect conditions for cast iron pipe corrosion. When pipes corrode, it can create weak spots in the piping and cause problems like burst pipes and sewer backups.

If your home was built before 1975 and still has the original plumbing pipes in place, chances are, you have cast iron piping. Other signs that indicate you have cast iron pipes that have corroded can include frequent drain backups, bad smells coming from the drains, and even roach problems. If you suspect you have cast iron pipes that need replacement, don't wait while the problem gets worse. Call a licensed sewer drain repair company – like Drain Nerds! We'll be able to provide an accurate assessment and determine if pipe replacement is needed.

Indications That Your Sewer Drain Is Compromised

There are a number of ways that your home can start to experience sewer problems. Tree roots may invade your sewer lines and require snaking. Improper installation may lead to constant sewage backups. A build-up of solids on the walls of the drain lines can cause slow drainage.

But the most dreaded sewer problem of all is a slab leak. Regardless of the source of a sewer problem, they share some characteristics that can help homeowners discover their problem, such as:

  • Musty odors from an unknown source
  • Moist or cool spots on the floor
  • Buckled flooring
  • Moldy drywall
  • Wet spots in the lawn
  • Constant drain and sewer clogs

If you have noticed any of these problems, call Drain Nerds today. We specialize in drain and sewer repair so we can diagnose and fix the problem fast.

How To Protect Your Home’s Drains

Protecting your home’s drains is as easy as adopting a few good habits. By changing the way that you interact with your home’s drains, you can forgo many of the problems that are common to drains. A few good practices to avoid the need for drain repair are:

  • Ditch the Chemical Cleaners: Chemical drain cleaners are harsh chemicals that can damage sensitive plumbing parts. Professional drain cleaning is more effective and safer than using drain line cleaners.
  • Watch What Goes Down the Drain: Put kitchen scraps and grease in the trash so they don’t foul drain lines. Only flush waste and toilet paper, all other products should go in the trash.
  • Schedule Routine Cleanings: Getting routine professional cleaning from Drain Nerds will help prevent problems from ever getting out of hand. Plus, we can keep an eye on your plumbing to help you look out for potential problems.

While your drains may be healthy, your piping may not be. If clogs continue to persist, it may be time to ask about our whole-home repiping services.

How We Repair Drain and Sewer Leaks

One of the benefits of specializing in drain repair and sewer problems is that we have all of the experience and tools necessary to fix problems quickly. When sewer problems and slab leaks are present, time is of the essence and you want to get back to enjoying your home. For everyday problems like drain clogs and drain replacement, we keep our trucks stocked so we can fix problems in one trip. We also perform hydro jetting on sewers and drains to clean out all of the stubborn junk that has built up in your sewer lines.

Our experience with slab leaks has taught us that multiple options are best for our customers. For slab leak repair, often plumbers will recommend jackhammering up the slab of your home. This creates a huge mess and may require you to leave for the duration of the project. We perform slab tunneling that is safer and cleaner. With our experience with sewer problems, we can make the best recommendations for how to repair sewer problems in your home.

Having drain or sewer problems? Call your local plumbing company that specializes in drain and sewer repair in Southwest Florida at 239-221-2021. Drain Nerds is ready to help!