Repiping Services in Southwest Florida

Struggling with rusty water and sewer clogs? Call Drain Nerds for help!

Older homes are notorious for having discolored, rusty water and having difficulty with sewer problems. This is because older homes were built with materials that weren’t intended to last forever. Most of these homes are nearing the age where they need to have their plumbing updated according to modern building codes. Materials that were used in houses that were built as much as 50 years ago are no longer in use today. Coincidentally, these materials were expected to last around 50 years in service, and many homes that used these materials experience plumbing difficulties. At Drain Nerds in Southwest Florida, we specialize in rehabilitating older homes that are having trouble resulting from old piping and bad sewer lines.

Once your new pipes are in place, take advantage of them, and install new appliances! Be sure to ask about our water heater installation services today!

Why You May Need Whole Home Repiping

Older homes were built under completely different codes than what is in place today. Additionally, much of the technology for plastic-based pipe production is too new to have been installed in many homes. As a result, older homes were built with iron-based pipes, whether it was galvanized pipe in the freshwater lines or cast iron pipe for sewer lines. The main problem is that water causes iron to corrode.

When pipes start corroding, it can lead to a number of problems. Problems that indicate that a home needs a drain repipe can include:

  • Rusty, discolored, smelly, or bad-tasting water
  • Frequent drain clogs
  • Wet spots on the lawn
  • Slab leaks
  • Low water pressure

Benefits of Repiping

Repiping a home will be a necessary part of homeownership for nearly everyone at some point. Even many of the early PVC pipes that were installed in homes are starting to suffer from problems. Repiping a home restores the performance of a home’s plumbing so that you can enjoy things like:

  • Better tasting water
  • Cleaner water
  • Higher pressure
  • Fewer clogs
  • Reduced repair costs

And that’s just on the freshwater side! When you choose to do a sewer repipe, generally all of the problems that plague your sewers and drains will be resolved. Because your sewer lines play such a vital role in the health of your home and family, repiping the sewer main can make a major difference.

The best way to care for your plumbing is with routine maintenance. Be sure to ask about our drain cleaning services, and keep your new pipes healthy for years to come.

Our Sewer Repiping Process

Repiping sewer lines is a common practice for homes that constantly experience sewer clogs. Sewer lines are prone to invasion by tree roots or breaking under shifting soils or after foundation damage. Sewer line repairs can involve the need for excavating portions around and under your home.

For sewer lines that are located under a slab, there are a couple of options available for repair. The most common option is to jackhammer the slab that the house is built upon to uncover sewer and drain lines. This is an invasive process that can be messy and even compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation. Therefore, it is not always the best option.

At Drain Nerds, we prefer the option of sewer tunneling for sewer repair. During the tunneling procedure, we tunnel under your home’s slab to find problems in the sewer line, make repairs, and then backfill the tunnel with the dirt we removed. This process is cleaner and less of a hassle for you and your family.

With Drain Nerds on your side, you don’t have to worry about problems with your sewer. We will make recommendations that fit your needs and your budget. Call 239-221-2021 to get help from the best sewer and drain company in SW Florida.