Cast Iron Sewer Pipes in SW Florida

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Cast iron pipes were once a popular construction material in Florida. These pipes, while durable, do fail over time, and succumb to leaks, corrosion, and calcification. Today, alternative pipe materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PE (Polyethylene) are preferred for their longer lifespans and reliability.

Damaged or broken cast iron sewer pipes can be quite messy if neglected. That said, you want to deal with such problems in the early stages. Drain Nerds provides customers in the SW Florida region with options. Our highly trained plumbers will examine your symptoms and inspect your plumbing to determine the right solution.

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Identifying a Damaged or Broken Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Symptoms of a compromised main drain can be less apparent than sewage in your home. Contact Drain Nerds for cast iron drain pipe repair or replacement if you notice any of the following:

  • Decreased water pressure or flow
  • Damp or wet spots inside your home
  • Persistently clogged drains
  • Corrosion, broken pipes, or visible cracks
  • Flowing or dripping water near drain pipes
  • Grass mysteriously green in a section of your lawn

How We Inspect Cast Iron Pipes

When inspecting cast iron pipes, we insert a high-definition camera into the sewer line. The camera is connected to a fiber optic scope and inserted into the sewer line through a small hole, making it possible to see along the inside of the pipe. The scope is flexible enough to navigate around corners and curves to reach any problem areas without accidentally jarring a fragile pipe or disrupting leaks caused by corrosion. If the problem is severe enough, we might have to unearth the pipe or pipes and excavate them.

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What Is Cast Iron Pipe Descaling?

If your cast iron pipes clog due to scale build-up, our experts provide pipe descaling services to prolong the lifespan of your pipes. Pipe descaling utilizes a specialized machine with a high-speed rotating cable to break down and scrape away any build-up inside your pipes. The cleaning can disintegrate the interior build-up and restore full use of your pipe if it is in good condition. Descaling your cast iron sewer pipe can also come in handy before pipe relining to clean out the pipe and remove any debris before relining installation.

Have you experienced a strange odor in your house, or found a leak in your main drain pipe? It could be a problem with your cast iron sewer pipes. Contact Drain Nerds today for cast iron sewer pipe inspection, repair, replacement, and descaling in Southwest Florida. Call 239-221-2021 to schedule service!